Public sector & PPP projects


Policy advisory & PPP process management (public partner)

Advice to governments regarding policy frameworks and governance of PPP Programs and projects, including among others:

Structure and improvement of legal frames

Operational frameworks / PPP cycle management guides

Fiscal management of PPPs

Institutional frameworks: organization of roles and responsibilities, development of PPP units.

Elaboration of guides and procedures for selection, appraisal, structuring and tendering of projects.

Contract management strategy settlement and elaboration of Contract Management Manuals.

Design and implementation of financial support mechanisms and policies.

Management consultancy & PPP Project Management (private partner)

Elaboration of manuals and internal procedures to give support to business opportunity analysis, bid submittals and investment executions by the private partner, such as:

Manuals of analysis and management of risks in PPP contracts.

Procedures of investment analysis.

Procedures of bid preparation and tender management.

Organization of PMO (Project Management Offices).

Set up of concession companies.

Market intelligence and Strategic consultancy

Advice and assistance for setting up the corporate strategy in relation to PPP markets, providing from market research and analysis up to webinars with national experts of the country target, among others.

Search of a local partner and positioning with the authorities.

Other Services

We can also provide transactional advice to PPP projects (preparation of offers, financial models, financial analysis, M&A deals, economic analysis, structure of PPPs, Bid management, etc.).